Barley Water

Drinking barley is highly beneficial and has been used in a variety of cultures for many, many years. Ayurvedic medicine also recommends the use of barley water to treat a variety of ailments.

Aids digestion
Aids in controlling diabetes
Flushes out toxins
Cools the body (especially in the summers)
Aids in managing and treating urinary tract infections
Helps smoothen skin

You can drink this either warm or cold, but I highly recommend drinking it cold. I find that if you drink it warm with nothing added, it literally tastes like nothing. I find that if you just make some of this, add some salt and lemon juice to it and drink it throughout the day, its easy to incorporate into your everyday routine. Plus, you can save the barley and use it in soups or spice it up and eat it for breakfast as you would oatmeal. (Alternatively, you can just eat it with curry). 



Barley Water
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  1. You'll need about 2-3 cups of water for every half cup of barley you use.
  2. Salt
  3. Lemon
  1. Boil the barley until it is fully cooked through in water.
  2. If you are drinking it warm, strain the water from the barley and drink this once a day.
  3. If you are drinking it cold, let it cool down, add some salt to taste and a squeeze of lemon and drink at room temperature once a day.
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